"but what is a little extree" -Prophet Omega
i have been doing lots of recording lately... this is where i'll post new songs, vintage songs and the occasional video clip
check back every so often to see what's new

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Album/Performance Format Length File Size
left behind for Dad..... always fast beneath my feet mp3 3:33 4 MB
THE LATEST COOL STUFF ***** *** *** ***

play somethin' we know an Adam Hood song w/ an Andy Wood twist!

BWW 12/08/08 mp3 3:05 2.8 MB
ain't no sunshine with Andy Wood BWW 12/08/08 mp3 5:09 4.7 MB
Merry Christmas from the family with Andy Wood BWW 12/08/08 mp3 4:37 4.2 MB
werewolves of London Mondays on the Strip ROCK! BWW 11/17/08 mp3 3:16 3 MB
nymphomaniac quaker steak & lube 4/1/07 mp3 3:11 2.9 MB
wagon wheel - TP and Milan Miller sittin around pickin' mp3 4:02 5.5 MB
dixie chicken - TP & Mitch Rutman CD relase party 08/07 mp3 7:30 10.2 MB
missin' you - TP & Andy Wood on a monday night in k-town charlie peppers 08/07 mp3 5:00 6.8 MB
colorado sky -with tod sheley (percussion/composer) & paige wroble (harmony) octoBer mp3 3:52 2.8 MB
that's why i'm here a JT song from "back in the day" live @Jim's place '85 (nashville) mp3 2:53 3.2 MB
kitty hawk - sittin in with crawdaddy, ben maney & detroit dave at WDVX (intro) (dedicated to "biggie smalls") blue plate special mp3 various various
St. Somewhere feat. Tall Paul & Crawdaddy - Colorado Sky, a Pirate looks at 40 & Southern Cross Pirate Stock 2007 mp3 various various
a Christmas wish (mp3 version) Tall Paul's Christmas mp3    
the Christmas song (mp3 version) Tall Paul's Christmas mp3    
TP's Christmas songs (radio versions) Tall Paul's Christmas WAV   56MB
Video (may need the quicktime plug-in)        
Chipmunk fun (the ORIGINAL "things i like to do") the Alvin show youTube 3:53 N/A
comes to me naturally with Charlie De Cosa (bass), Jim Pappas (drums) & Mark James (lead guitar) casa marina key west, FL youTube 2:25 N/A

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